Merchandise No Longer Avilable Through MARAMERCH

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1.) Wave 1 of the UNSC / UESC Fabric Patches

These patches (Silver v1) are no longer available for purchase. (Blue V2) Patches are still available, see mainpage.

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25.06.2008: On a first come/first serve basis were the very first (custom) Marathon-themed Action Figures. Each figure came fully poseable; ready for play or display.


2.) Marathon 2:Durandal Style Bob (Blue)- SOLD

Originally based on a Marvel FF 'Mr. Fantastic', I sculpted this figure into a battle-weary BoB. This highly articulated figure comes with 2 Halo-weapons: 1 pistol and 1 SMG.
Measuring 17cm (or 6.5 Inches) tall, he can stand alongside and hold weapons designed for Joyride's Halo figure line - making BoB a one of a kind addition to any Bungie fan's figure collection.

Bob Example Photo #1
Bob Example Photo #2
Bob Example Photo #3
Bob Example Photo #4

3.) Faircloth-Style Marathon Marine Minifigure set - SOLD

Loosley based on a Halo trooper figure, this custom mini-figure, measuring about 7cm (or 2.7 Inches)tall, sports a custom Silver MA Rifle and pistol. Both fit great in the figures hands, making this figure and his accessories interchangable with all Halo minifigures.

With articulation at the neck, waist, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, The Marine/The Player/Destiny/ is ready for timeline jumping action! Jjaro underpants extra. ;)

Included with this figure are two other (unmodified) figures: Halo 1 and 2 Green mini Master Chiefs w/ individual AR accessories.

Marine Example Photo #1
Marine Example Photo #2
Marine Example Photo #3
Marine Example Photo #4

4.) Deep Space Pfhor Fighter - SOLD

Loosley based on a Star Trek:TNG 1990's alien figure, this custom Pfhor measures at 13 cm (or 5 Inches) tall. Jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, a significant amount of sculpting work went into creating the Pfhor-style armor.

Pfhor Example Photo #1
Pfhor Example Photo #2
Pfhor Example Photo #3

Original Marathon Logo t-shirt - $25.00US SOLD OUT

Part of the first run of Marathon apparel I created back in 2002. With only the white marathon logo on the black fabric t-shirt's front - it's an enigma for those who don't know Marathon. For those who do - it's a unique expression of Bungie-fandom.

Maralogo T-shirt Ex.#1
Maralogo T-shirt Ex.#2 (detail)

Original S'pht Logo t-shirt - $25.00US SOLD OUT

Part of the second run of Marathon apparel I created, featuring a single bright-yellow S'pht logo set on a black t-shirt.

S'phtlogo T-shirt Example

Remember: For those who purchased anything from Maramerch: Send photos of how they're used on clothing (patches) or displayed for posting in the Hall of Fame Gallery.

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