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3.30.2006: Thanks to a linking by Claude (aka. Louis Wu) from, the patches sold out in a matter of two days. If I had shelves, they were flying off them.

What's next? More patches, if people are interested.

Voice your opinion on what the next color scheme or design of the UESC/UNSC patch should be: UESC/UNSC Patches - your thoughts? @ HBO Forum

Remember: For those who purchased patches from this initial silver/black run: Send photos of how they're used on clothing (jackets, shirts, etc.) for posting in the Hall of Fame Gallery.

2.28.2006: These amazing 3" x 3" Inch, Metallic Silver on Black Patches are now available for purchase on eBay: Halo / Marathon Fabric Patch fan made, limited supplies

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* US Funds Money Order (drafted at any Bank)
* Paypal in US funds

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